Whatsapp Marketing

We are a WhatsApp provider of text, images and video marketing services based in Karachi, Pakistan and one of WhatsApp’s SMS / bulk marketing solutions in Pakistan. We offer WhatsApp Marketing in Pakistan. With SMS, photos and videos, we make sure you connect with your customers wherever they are with just the click of a button!

To maintain ourselves as the best Bulk WhatsApp text, images and videos – A Marketing service provider company and ensure maximum delivery of successful messages within a minimum time. We have a redundant network of servers to ensure immediate delivery of up to 100% WhatsApp messages.

Go through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Whatsapp, a mobile app created just a few years ago, already has more than a billion active users, and is now the most used social network in many markets, officially surpassing Facebook Messenger. As a private chat messenger, WhatsApp lets users share texts, videos and messages

Daily Whatsapp User

More than half a billion daily active Status users worldwide.

Text Message

Each text message contains max. 500 characters(including spaces),

Image Message

Each image message size max. size 300 KB,

Video Message

Each video message size max. size 7 MB,

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Package
  • $352/ Monthly
    • 50,000 SMS
    • 0.00705 Per SMS
    • 300 KB JPEG Size

  • Super Package
  • $650/ Monthly
    • 100,000 SMS
    • 0.0065 Per SMS
    • 300 KB JPEG Size

Best Choice!
  • Extra Package
  • $1885/ 3 Month
    • 300,000 SMS
    • 0.0063 Per SMS
    • 300 KB JPEG Size